Company Profile

Extraordinary craftsmanship, beautiful fabrics and stylish frames. Enjoy our high standards.

The smallest detail can have a tremendous impact on the way your furniture looks… and lasts. Our highly experienced and professional craftsmen take great care through every step of our manufacturing process.

Detailed inspections are done after your furniture leaves the production line and gives us time to make sure our high standards are met in every piece.

Things to remember before buying quality leather furniture

  • Leather is generally good investment since it will last about approx. 4 times as long as the fabric but costs around twice.
  • With the longevity of the covering you want to make sure that the frame is going to last.
  • Look for hardwood kiln dried frames and strong spring system .Sylvan Upholstery makes excellent frame spring and decks.
  • Understand every hide is slightly different.
  • A good way to spot 100% leather is to look for seams that run vertical on the sides and back of the piece. Leather doesn’t come in huge pieces, it needs to be pieced together whereas vinyl can come in one solid piece like fabric.

Things to remember before buying quality upholstered furniture

Buying upholstered furniture is trickier than it seems, simply because most of it looks good and feels comfortable in the stores. The real test comes after 1 or 2 years of using in your home. That’s why it is important to know how it is all put together and how does the manufacturer stand behind it. For over 6 decades, Sylvan Upholstery has crafted unmatched durability and quality to its customers. State-of-the art cross-grain hardwood is used to create frames that feel strong and guaranteed to lasts a lifetime. Environmentally friendly CFC free, high resiliency foam, covered by soft polyester fibres gives the seats comfort and durability guarantee for 10 years. Choose the fabric with confidence with us. Each one has passed our demanding tests for fading and wearibility and all are carefully inspected before cutting to ensure quality.