1: Do you sell directly to the public?

We have a network of retailers, dealers and designers that sell our products. We have established a Designer’s Center, where our designers, retailers and customers can see the products in our showroom and select sofa styles and fabrics at their leisure and even enjoy a cup of coffee.

Retail stores and designers are valuable sources for advice and assistance. We do not sell from our web site but encourage its usage to obtain ideas and possibilities.

2: Can you send me a catalogue?

You can access our website for some of our designs or call one of our dealers or designers to view a catalogue.

3: Do you warranty your furniture?

Yes we do. We have a lifetime guarantee on frames, springs and mechanisms. A 10 year guarantee on foam.

We provide a 1 year warranty on workmanship, all components, fabrics and show wood, under normal wear and tear. We will repair or replace any defective components as a result of manufacturing.

If you have a problem with your product, please call your retailer. They are the best source to resolve the issue quickly.

4: Can I use my own fabric?

Yes. We will provide you with the necessary yardage and apply it onto your furniture. Yardage requirement is based on 54 inch width plain fabric.

5: I don’t see the sofa size I’m looking for. Can I order a custom size?

We are able to produce special sizes for a small charge. In order to do this, you or your Retailer or designer will need to send us the exact size. We will then determine if this can be made and provide them/you with a price. We can also work from drawings or photos.

You can also choose to have leather or fabric on any of our styles, call your closest retailer or designer for more information. You can also call us to obtain this information.

Prices are the domain of our retailers and designers.

6: Where can I find the retailer closest to me?

Contact us and we will advise you on the closest retailer.

7: How quickly will Sylvan ship my furniture?

We work with a four to six week turn around if the fabric is in stock.

8: Does Sylvan offer a re-upholstery service?

Sylvan offers a complete service on re-upholstery. We provide estimates and use your fabric or obtain it for you. This service can restore a family treasure to its original beauty.

9: How does your quality compare to other manufacturers?

We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and use nothing but the finest materials available. We use felt padding & foam to create luxurious comfort. We are proud Canadian manufacturers with over 60 years in business.